Monday, May 23, 2005

Long time no type.

Well I didn't get the job I went for Image hosted by So will have to keep looking.

Been a bit down lately, just feeling sorry for myself I guess.

My wedding dress arrived the other week and beautiful it is too, I'm currently trying to sell it on Ebay though. Have to pay for #1 daughter's 13th birthday some how.

Was sat reading somebodies wedding report and nearly burst into tears, think I'll have to stop reading them for the time being.

Can't even motivate myself to finish the two slash fics I've startedImage hosted by, now that is bad.

On the up side the house is cleaner than it has been for a long timeImage hosted by

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Much better.

Everything seems much better now, we've had a long talk and cleared the air. We've decided the argument wasn't really about what it seemed, but rather just a culmination of everything that's happened lately.

We've had to cancel the wedding (lost quite a bit of money on it.) We've had to down size and money is vertually none existant, so just normal weekly shopping is difficult. We've both just been so stressed, so no wonder we had a blow up.

Things are getting back on track now and we're back to our normal chatty selves, if they gave out gold medels for waffle we'd both win itImage hosted by (I reckon he'd win it more than me though.)

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Got back from mum's about 7:30pm, fiance was asleep on the sofa. Think us coming in woke him up.

Made myself a cup of coffee, figured I'd make him one as well. He came back down stairs from having a wash, he saw the coffee and tipped it down the sink saying, 'I don't f-ing well want anything from you, you w-anker.'

Charming, I called him a few names and left it at that.

That's the extent of our conversation today, feeling tired so off to bed.Image hosted by

Monday, May 02, 2005


Have had a massive row with fiance, via text messageImage hosted by Of all the stupid fecking things.

Upshot is we were supposed to be at a bar-b-q for 13:30. His mum was comming for an hour at 12noon (only found this out late last night.) Must admit his mum is a lovely woman and I didn't mind her coming down at all, however, it took him an hour just to collect her. She lives 2 mins up the fecking road, not miles away.

So this meant his mum didn't get here till 13:00, and wouldn't be leaving till 14:00. Whilst I was in the bath before he left to collect his mum I asked him to hoover, came back downstairs to find him asleep on the couch and the living room un-hoovered...not a happy bunnyImage hosted by

I ended up phoneing to let people know we wouldn't be able to attend the bar-b-q. He then goes to drop his mum off, spends another 45 mins faffing around. I phoned to see where he was. 'I'm at my mum's???'Image hosted by Followed by, 'If you still want to go to the bar-b-q we can go.' Considering it'll take us a good 30-40 mins to get there, it'd be a waste of time as we'd have to come back almost straight away.

He got a cob on because I was annoyed, sending texts about the fact that I was having a tantrum because he wouldn't run round like a twat! I never fecking asked him to run round like a twat, I asked him to hoover the living room before his mother arrived.

Another text followed along the lines of jumping and how high. This is the man I very rarely ask anything of, it's me that does the jumping and asking how bloody high!

Anyway, it completely deteriated from there. I'm now off to my mothers for the night.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Just watched Enterprise.

I do like the title music to this show, a bit slushy but nice. Just been chatting to my beta reader via msn messenger, she's currently in the middle of doing a new comic. Nekkid wrestling...pwhoar!

My beta reader is a terrific writer as well as comic creator, she's working on a new J/D (Jack/Daniel) fic...Yay!

Fiance is watching the second Enterprise being shown this afternoon, I'm bored of the TV now though so am chatting to my beta reader and updating this blogImage hosted by

It's a lovely day outside, just the weather for sitting in a beer gardenImage hosted by

Just trying some new smilies.

Image hosted by Sorry

Image hosted by Eating and drinking

Image hosted by Fuck off

Image hosted by Hungover

Image hosted by Why?

Image hosted by Too funny

Image hosted by Kiss ass

Image hosted by Piss my sides laughing

Image hosted by Fall of chair laughing

Image hosted by Shit hitting fan

Image hosted by ROFL

Image hosted by Food

Image hosted by Fridge raid

Image hosted by Wedding

Image hosted by Bang head against wall

Image hosted by Bad mood

Image hosted by group hug

Can you tell I came acrosss a few new ones? LOL

God, Sunday's are boring!

I'm bored witless, the kids are in bed and the fiance is watching some crap on the telly. Although I have just found out I have an IQ of 157, suprised the heck out of me as I thought I was rather thickImage hosted by

At least so far today next door haven't had their boom, boom music on. I call it boom. boom as that is what I can hear, along with some wailing. Annoys the heck out of meImage hosted by so I shall get off my soapbox now LOL.

God, I'm sick of being skint, would love to go out and have a bit of a session today. Oh well, another job interview this week so keeping my fingers (and everything else) crossed.

Time for another cuppaImage hosted by

Saturday, April 30, 2005

I was telling you about myself wasn't I?

I've been a slasher for a number of years now, 'what's a slasher?' I hear some of you say. Read this and it'll explain.

I'm not really sure how I got into it. I guess it was because I liked a show called Stargate SG-1 well more acurately, I liked a member of the cast namely Michael Shanks. this got me looking on the web for sites relating to him. I found plenty, joined a few and then stumbled across a slash site. At first I didn't know what to make of it, although I was reading everything I could get my hands onImage hosted by If I'm honest what I was reading was a big turn on, two handsome men having sex...did it for me.

After a while I realised I wanted to try my hand at writing something of my own, to this day I still cringe over how crap my first story was. Although I still sometimes get FB (for those that don't know it means feedback) for it. I then found myself an absolutely fantastic beta reader, she pointed me in the right direction. Correcting all my spelling and grammer mistakes, showing me the way to go when I was getting lost in a story and leading it astray.

I started writing more and more, even had my own website dedicated to the stories I was writing. To a certain degree it took over my life (it was crap at the time anyway). I got lots of positive FB, made me think maybe I wasn't as rubbish as I thought...woohoo!

I still write but at a much slower pace (much to my beta reader's dismay) I'm just not as motivated as I was. it may have something to do with the fact that I have more of a life now, so a lot of distractions.

Mother's been.

She's been and gone, I've now had way to much coffee.Image hosted by We chatted, she was at a bar-b-q last Saturday everyone had a nice time.

My Gran's brother died on Friday, mum went to see her today to see how she was coping. She's doing well.

Fiance has some kind of rash on his face and neck, looks a bit like this Image hosted by at the moment LOL. He reckons it's a heat rash, I'll just wait and see.

Have a cup of coffee now.

Just taken a coffee up to the fiance as well, told him to get his backside out of bed as my mother will be here soon.

#1 daughter dyed her hair yesterday with one of those Lo'real coleur expert things, she has dark blonde/light brown hair. The base colour was great, unfortunately the blonde streak bits turned ginger. And of course like any good mother would I took the mickImage hosted by, will have to get her something to cover it. Teenagers, you gotta' love 'em.

Fiance's just gotten up, coughing and spluttering. Oh, be still my beating heart. He sounds like a fecking elephant pounding about upstairs getting ready.

Seriously though he's a great guy, that's why I'm marrying him ;-)

First go at blogging.

Now that I’ve created this blog, I’m not sure what to fill it with; I mean when we think about it most lives are mundane and who the hell wants to read about that?Image hosted by

But I’ve taken the time to sign up and start this thing so I may as well continue.

First of all let me start by telling you a little about myself:

I’m 31 years old, will be 32 in July. I’m female and the mother of two girls, we’ll call them #1 daughter (eldest) and #2 daughter (my baby).

I live with my fiancé, we were supposed to be getting married in July but due to the fact he’s set up a new business money has been tight and we’ve had to postponeImage hosted by I’ve a job interview on Thursday and if I’m successful I intend to book our wedding in Scotland for sometime in the summer.

I’m only short about 5’1 and a bit inches, I wouldn’t say I was fat but then again I’m no model either.

I'm currently living in a two up two down, rather desperate to move to a larger house. The kids are killing each other sharing a room, I've turned into a sodding referee! Also at the moment I'm having to home school #1 daughter, that's a bit of a pain but as a mother I feel her education is very important.

That's enough for now, going to make a cuppa will come back and finish this later.

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